Premiere: Hughes Giboulay – Soirée (a Night In Marseille)(Nightflight Records)

Soirée (a Night In Marseille) by Hughes Giboulay taken from Cosmic Ray Event EP, out 15 July 2020 on Nightflight Records

The third wax on Nightflight Records holds tracks from Mystic Future (Yannick Robyns & Charlie Levan, Housewax, Subwax) and Hughes Giboulay (Soirée Records). Aubrey (Metroplex, Ostgut Ton, Ferox, Solid Groove Records…) took the honours to do a remix the only way he can do it.

Mystic Future’s “Physical Chemistry” is a spacey, breaky, housey tune taking you to higher atmospheres with the trippy, deep pads. Aubrey’s remix takes it to another level without losing touch with the original. This results in an abstract hi-tech funk dancefloor track. Hughes Giboulay’s “Soirée ( a night in Marseille)” kicks of with a jacking 4/4 beat, wobbling baseline and melodic, funky stabs that makes you wanna dance. The fourth track “Distant Memory” by Mystic Future is a dreamy, techy and spacey house track with a rolling bassline and perfect for warming-up and after hours sets.

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