Listen: EPM Podcast 131 – K’ Alexi Shelby

EPM Podcast 131 comes from non other than DJ and producer K’ Alexi Shelby, one of Chicago’s true heroes and cited by many as a pioneer the city’s sound. As well as producing a string of classic techno and house productions he is just as notorious for his DJing ability. Mr K’ Alexi has played at just about every exotic location imaginable and his smooth blend of house, disco and techno is also the name of his label “TecSoul’. And here he is, giving us that much need techno with added funk. From Gherkin Jerks and Yello to Aril Brikha and Cerrone, Eddy Grant and Green Velvet to Joey Beltram and some K’ Alexi productions and re-works it’s Chi-town all the way!

EPM Podcast 131 – Tracklist

1. K’ Alexi Shelby – State Of Emergency
2. Gherkin Jerks – Acid Indigestion
3. Yello – Bostich
4. Tony Lovelesss & K’ Alexi Shelby – Candles Burn Slow
5. Cerrone – Supernature
6. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
7. TRAXMAN – Gone & House It Up
8. Steve Hurley (K’ Alexi Shelby ReWork) – Jack Ya Body
9. Roni Griffith – Spies
10. Machine – Grace Of God
11. Rob Harvey – Kill 100
12. Aril Brikha – Read Only Memory
13. K’ Alexi Shelby – Right Over Ur Head
14. Green Velvet – Destination Unknown
15. TRAXMAN ReWork – Aw Shucks
16. K’ Alexi Shelby – Bloodbath
17. K’ Alexi Shelby – FlaKKa Dance
18. Eddy Grant – Time Warp
19. K’ Alexi Shelby – The Music Just
20. KA-Vs-Daft Punk

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