Premiere: Savaggio – Pelicans (Dark Arps Remix)

Pelicans (Dark Arps Remix) from Pelicans EP, out 12 October on Woodwork Recordings
Dark Arps returns to Woodwork with Toni Savaggio alongside for a stunning collaborative EP – an original submission each, with reciprocal remixes. The thread running throughout is one of dramatic tensions and dark, exotic movements.

Opening with ‘Pelicans’, Savaggio sets up a light, minimal tech framework, but wastes no time filling it with bittersweet violin melodies that run beautifully parallel to the punchy rolling beats, while remaining ghostly and somehow detached in a separate realm. The track builds and swells cinematically, remaining calm and spacious enough for layering within a mix, but with a full framework of musical structure and compositional flair, beyond that of the typical club track narrative.

Next up, Dark Arps presents his case with ‘Tears’, perfectly following the opening track with the same deep, building arrangement and thematic compositional style. We are treated immediately to Jon Bierman’s signature organic approach with gripping modular synth tones that feel absolutely human. ‘Tears’ retains an emotional intensity throughout and works its way through the listener with sonic character that is both lively and hypnotic.

For the remix of ‘Pelicans’, Dark Arps visits a grinding, funky rhythmic feel, while allowing the musical elements to roam completely to their full mystical and ethereal extents. Animated ambience, distortion, and pitchey percussion echoes scatter across the mix, nicely punctuating changes and keeping things fluctuating in a perpetually intriguing way.

Savaggio’s take on ‘Tears’ put the goods up front right away. The melody gets a twist while the layering is executed in much the same way as the Dark Arps original with sonic elements also remaining true. Absent are the longer phrases and turnarounds in favour of a slightly more repetitive, segmented approach.

Artist – Title: Dark Arps & Savaggio – Pelicans
Catalogue Number: WOOD062
Release Date: 10/12/2020
Format: Digital, Streaming

01-Savaggio – Pelicans
02-Dark Arps – Tears
03-Savaggio – Pelicans (Dark Arps remix)
04-Dark Arps – Tears (Savaggio remix)

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