Interview: MODEL 86 ‘Find My Feet’

The culmination of a trilogy of EPs, ‘Is MODEL 86 Dreaming of Being a Butterfly or is a Butterfly Dreaming of Being MODEL 86?’ is the upcoming album from enigmatic producer, MODEL 86.
‘Find My Feet’ is the first offering from the final EP, further demonstrating the eclectic nature of the record, capturing the artist in full creative flow. Starting with gentle piano chords and a pulsating beat, the track’s layers weave in and out, creating effortless harmony amidst the bouncy, spluttering chaos.

MODEL 86 is the faceless, underdog producer who didn’t get the memo about genres. Refusing to be pigeonholed, they make unconventional alt-beat electronic music that merges the glistening beats of Jamie xx with the luxurious expanses of Hudson Mohawke.

We did an interview with Model 86 to find out more…


Who is Model 86?
MODEL 86 is MODEL 86. Not sure who they are at the moment. Working on it.

Can you explain the name?
The names’s meant to be generic sounding – like a part from a part bin, functional. The idea is that it doesn’t make you think of a gender or a place so you have no preconceptions before you listen to the music.

“Find my Feet” is your brand new track, can you give us some insight?
Find My Feet, I heard the vocal hook and it resonated with me. We’re all finding our feet in some way. Then I wanted to make a track with a cool modulating wavetable lead and this came out. 😮

Name your TOP 3 tracks of the moment?
Twigs, cellophane
Cyndi Lauper, time after time
Charli XCX, pink diamond

2020 is almost over, what can we expect from Model 86 in 2021?
In 2021 you’ll find out who they are (OMG) but also new music, maybe a new direction, finding the love in it…

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