Tracks of the Month: Electronic(ConnectFM)

Listen to Electronic Tracks of the Month feat. new music from:
Caro, Malcolm Pardon, Mabe Fratti, Pote, Damon Albarn, Yaya Bey, Feiertag, Tessa Rose Jackson, Sibille Attar, Toada, Jinjé, møziz, Vegyn, Son Of Philip, The Allegorist, Werner Niedermeier, Auf Togo, Becker, Mukai, Fimber Bravo, Third Son, Serge Bulat, Katie Buckley, Yarni, Ben Marks, LorenzoBITW, Rhyval, Limewax, Beneath, Agaric, Pixelord, Aili x Transistorcake, Little Snake, Flying Lotus and Amarcord

As Played on #ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Selected by Doogie, Mixed by Koja

1. Caro – Le Grand Bleu ( PC Music)
2. Malcolm Pardon – The Blindspot (The New Black)
3. Mabe Fratti – En Medio (Unheard of Hope)
4. Pote – Young Lies feat Damon Albarn ( OUTLIER )
5. Yaya Bey – industry love a protection spell (Ninja Tune)
6. Feiertag – Follow feat. Tessa Rose Jackson (Sonar Kollektiv)
7. Sibille Attar – Aasthma Remix – Hurt me (PNKSLM Recordings)
8. Toada – Auge (Plūma)
9. Jinjé – Cinétique (Radio Edit) (Mesh)
10. møziz – Fallingisgrowing (Disques Durs)
11. Vegyn – Mushroom Abolitionist (PLZ Make It Ruins)
12. Son Of Philip – Rubber Stamp (Wigflex)
13. The Allegorist – Unlimited Dedication (Kraak Records)
14. Werner Niedermeier – Lightbulb Moments (Bulletdodge Records)
15. Auf Togo, Becker & Mukai – Inside The Human Mind (featuring Fimber BravoFimber Bravo ) (SaS Recordings)
16. Third Son – Decks Dark (Polymath)
17. Serge Bulat – Sanity Mantra (with Katie Buckley)
18. Yarni – Mirai (ft Ben Marks) (Klassified)
19. Lorenzo BITW – Pantea (Future Bounce ltd)
20. Rhyval – Footcell (OFF BEAT)
21. Limewax – Hasan (Evar Records)
22. Beneath – Lesser Circulation (Hemlock Recordings)
23. Agaric – Octaves
24. Pixelord – Tron (Hyperboloid)
25. Aili x Transistorcake – Oki (Eskimo Recordings)
26. Little Snake- Fallen Angels feat Flying Lotus (Brainfeeder)
27. Amarcord – Don’t Be Sad It’s Over, Be Happy Cause It Happened (Alan Dixon Remix) (Me Me Me Recordings)

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