House ConnectFM 50: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of Tracks of the Week House ConnectFM 50 is now available via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify.

This episode features new tracks and remixes from:

Gene Farris, Jamie Jones, Mark Hawkins, Tensnake, Chloe Caillet, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Redlight, Prunk & Rona Ray, Finest Wear, Project Runaway, Jank, Mannmademusic, Mac-Kee, Demarkus Lewis, Joe Label, Da Funk, JVXTA, Alex Preston, Dino Lenny, Demuir, Jamie Clarke, Tara Baudie, Soul Mekanik, Job de Jong, Folamour, Francesco Mami, EDC, Di Saronno, L.A.D Jazz, Mr Pig, Potencia Lirical, Francesco Ferraro, Josh Butler, Numa Lesage, Frank Ocean, Apollo xo, Alex Coast, DJ Susan & Maximo, Close Counters, The Dead Rose Music Company, Leftwing Kody & Robot Collective, Luman Child, Jude & Frank X Nrd1 X Cumbiafrica

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

Finest Wear – Changing Times [Minor Notes]
Project Runaway – Export City [all my thoughts]
Jank – Get To (Mannmademusic Remix) [Theresiopolis]
Mac-Kee – My Purpose (Extended Version) [Soul Pattern]

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Demarkus Lewis – I Keep Breakin (Original Mix) [HOUPH]
Joe Label – My Joy (Original Mix) [Joe Label]
Da Funk – Uriel [Acryl Music]
JVXTA – Hold On [Scissor & Thread]
Alex Preston – Your Smile, Your Touch (Extended Mix) [Basement Sound]
Dino Lenny – Did This [R&S Records]
Demuir – You Must Pay [Frappé]
Jamie Clarke feat Tara Baudie – Left Right Drop (Soul Mekanik Stage Left Version) [Either Recordings]
Job de Jong – Enchanted (Folamour Remix) [PIV Records]
Francesco Mami feat. EDC – Duncan (Vocal MIx) [Rhythm Cult]
Gene Farris – Moving 2 The Future (Extended Mix) [Medium Rare Recordings]
Prunk & Rona Ray – Keep It Simple (Extended Mix) [Defected Records]
Jamie Jones – Lose My Mind (Extended Mix) [Helix Records]
Mark Hawkins – L.O.V.E (Club Mix) [Aus Music]
Tensnake – Coma Cat (Chloe Caillet Extended Remix) [Defected Records]
Di Saronno feat. L.A.D Jazz – Sway With My Band (Jammin’) Shaboom Records]
Jude & Frank X Nrd1 X Cumbiafrica – Moliendo Moliendo Café(Extended Mix) [We Next / Sony]
Mr Pig, Potencia Lirical – Cli Cli Clan Clan [Holy Pig]
Francesco Ferraro – Noche Y Misterio [Younan Music]

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Josh Butler – Tikka [Griffintown records]
Numa Lesage – Life in my Dreams [Instudio Recordings]
Frank Ocean- Pyramids (Apollo xo Remix) (Extended)
Alex Coast – Olivia (Extended Mix) [High Definition]
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs X Redlight – Regulate (Extended Mix) [Defected Records]
DJ Susan & Maximo – Dream Of You (Extended Mix) [Helix Records]
Close Counters – CRASH AND BURN [Self-released]
The Dead Rose Music Company – Baby Please [Pomme Frite]
Leftwing Kody & Robot Collective – Love Like This (Extended Mix) [Spinnin’ Deep]
Luman Child – Grateful (Orchestral Mix) [Tru Thoughts]

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Photo/Cover by Stelios Kazazis