Rhythm Cult announces Headbirds new album “Kulturhaus”

Rhythm Cult:
“Supporting the scene where you are based creates the strength that makes electronic music a powerful movement. It took over five years to seek out the innovative artist from Catalonia that captivated our minds, bodies and souls with his unique tracks, vast musical knowledge and distinctive taste in sonic exploration. That’s when, in 2020, we released Headbirds’ stunning ‘Terances’ EP on Rhythm Cult, a hybrid of refined deep house and acid-soaked Balearic sounds that rapidly became one of the label’s best-selling EPs.

Fast forward to 2022 and as we approach our decade as a project, we are releasing our first-ever LP, with a double limited edition of vinyl edits and a digital version. Having Headbirds back with such a meaningful piece of art has been an honour and the LP sets the Catalonian artist out as one of the most relevant and talented producers on the scene. The Kulturhaus LP makes us feel that the Cult has more Rhythm than ever and is bound to light up dancefloors over the summer season and beyond.”

This LP will be available for pre-order on Beatport from May 13, while the official release date is June 10.

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