Tracks of the Week: House ConnectFM 31

The latest episode of Tracks of the Week House ConnectFM 31 is now available via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify.

Feat. new tracks and remixes from:
Tall Paul, Bob Sinclar And Nyv, Catz n Dogz, Todd Terry & Gypsymen, KAIVE, Roland Clark, Archie B, Hotmood, Katorzi, Mat.Joe, C’mon & Otistic, I Gemin, VANDER & Deer Jade, Mâhfoud, BLR, Bolier, Joe Ventura, Doug Gomez, Swales, AVNU (UK), Johnny Blackouts, Jason Merle, Mark Wilkinson, Rita Campbell, Michele Chiavarini, Toni & Mark, ASA 808, RSS Disco, Johannes Klingebiel, Johannes Klingebiel, Alex Preston, Banksia x Self Tape, Paul C & Paolo Martini, Sophiegrophy, Jacob Husley, S.A.M. Reshape, Hyman Bass, Manuel Costela, Jason Hersco, Rabii Harnoune & V.B.Kühl, Guedra Guedra, PEDRO, Walker & Royce

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

I Gemin – Into The Sun (Original)[SlothBoogie Records]
VANDER & Deer Jade ft. Mâhfoud – Intergalactic Tango [The Gardens of Babylon]
BLR – Jameela (Bolier Extended Remix) [FRCST]

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Joe Ventura – Salsa House Revisited (Doug Gomez Latin KISS Mix)[BIG Speaker Music]
Swales – Lights of Love (AOC)
AVNU (UK) – Sweat Off My Dome [Ellum Audio]
Johnny Blackouts feat. Jake Childs – Love Drunk (Jason Merle Remix) [4E&A Records]
Mark Wilkinson, Rita Campbell, Michele Chiavarini – Runaway Love (Toni & Mark’s 60 minute Dub) [Life Remixed Music]
ASA 808 – Bliss [TOYS]
RSS Disco, Johannes Klingebiel – Firm Shake (Johannes Klingebiel Remix) [Mireia Records]
Alex Preston – Aja (Extended Mix) [Basement Sound]
Banksia x Self Tape – Its Been Done [Electric Mode]
Todd Terry & Gypsymen Stoppin Us (Joe Ventura Remix) [Freeze Records]
KAIVE feat. Roland Clark – I’m House & I’m Proud [Uve Doble]
Tall Paul – Welcome To The Party [Edible]
Archie B – Falling (Extended Mix) [BIG Speaker Music]
Hotmood – Don’t Stop (Katorzi Remix) [PuzzleProjectsMusic]
Mat.Joe, C’mon & Otistic – XTC (Original Mix) [PRïMA]
Bob Sinclar And Nyv – Borderline (Catz n Dogz Remix) [Time]
Paul C & Paolo Martini – Diamond Dogs (Original Mix) [CUFF]

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Walker & Royce – No Drama feat. Sophiegrophy (Extended Mix)[Club Sweat]
Jacob Husley – So Hot (S.A.M. Reshape) [WetYourSelf! Recordings]
Hyman Bass – Solaris (Manuel Costela Remix) [Cenital Music]
Jason Hersco – Nayanaya (Original Mix) [CUFF]
Rabii Harnoune & V.B.Kühl – Laafou (Guedra Guedra Remix) [Tru Thoughts Recordings]
PEDRO – BEL [Percebes Música]

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Cover: Ingo Ellerbusch