TUTU unveils “Movement Remixes”: A Vibrant and Electrifying Rework of Gimenö ‘s Debut Album

TUTU Records is thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of “Movement Remixes.” A new album that takes Gimenö ‘s critically acclaimed debut album, “Movement,” and injects it with a new pulsating energy.

“Movement Remixes” is an exhilarating and dynamic collection of eight reworked tracks, carefully curated to deliver an immersive sonic experience. Each remix showcases the distinctive talent and vision of a diverse lineup of renowned artists, including Reeko, Edgar De Ramon, HD Substance, Vøsne, Klint, Jorge Ciccio-li, RE-ST, and Avox25. Together, they have reimagined Gimenö’s original compositions, taking them to new and thrilling dimensions.

The album transcends genre boundaries, seamlessly traversing a spectrum of styles. From ambient soundscapes that sweep listeners into introspective realms, to crashing breaks that ignite dancefloors, and infectious techno beats that propel bodies into motion, “Movement Remixes” is an auditory journey like no other.

Reeko, the esteemed Spanish DJ and producer, lends his dark and atmospheric touch to one of the tracks, infusing it with a raw intensity that is bound to leave a lasting impression. Edgar De Ramon, label-boss behind TUTU, brings his signature groove to the remix, amplifying the original’s hypnotic allure. HD Substance, Vøsne, Klint, Jorge Ciccio-li, RE-ST, and Avox25 each contribute their own distinct artistic voices, imbuing the album with a multifaceted richness that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

Prepare to be immersed in a sonic journey that transcends expectations. “Movement Remixes” will be available on June 30th 2023.

Gimenö – Movement Remixes [TUTU]

01. @cid (Vøsne Dub Remix)
02. It‘s My Break (Reeko Remix)
03. DT001 (HD Substance Remix)
04. Old Trib (Avox25 Remix)
05. Movement (Jorge Ciccioli Remix)
06. Day One (Klint Remix)
07. @cid (Vøsne Remix)
08. Finale (RE-ST Remix)

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