Odalie announces “Puissante Vulnérabilité” with single “We Are Nature”

Mesh is proud to announce the forthcoming debut album by French producer and musician OdaliePuissante Vulnérabilité is out Fri 29th September. 

Alongside the announcement, Mesh releases the lead single ‘We Are Nature’, featuring ethereal vocals by Lyon-based outfit Black Lilys. Accompanying the single is a dreamlike video by Sébastien Labrunie voyaging through imagined worlds that teeter between the organic and the synthetic.

In the natural world, some believe that cooperation is more valuable than competition. Whilst others can justify individualistic behaviours as a product of nature, the opposite sometimes can emerge as the truth. The law of nature is in fact based on a subtle balance between many entities and many living worlds, connected in spite of themselves, and yet deeply interdependent. It is this notion that Sophie Griffon, aka Odalie, uses as a thematic launchpad for her ambitious new album Puissante Vulnérabilité (Powerful Vulnerability).

‘At the end of our lives, we will remember nothing other than to have loved and been loved. ’

In a world that often labels vulnerability as a weakness, Odalie laments on the importance of embracing our reliance upon each other as a crucial part of survival. In short, we need to collectively find the courage to show ourselves as imperfect and fragile as a way of moving forward.

Puissante Vulnérabilité attempts to contribute to this discussion with an album full of contrasts and raw emotions, interspersed with moments of quietude and a heavy dose of experimentation. Creating complex arrangements with a wide range of instrumentation, Odalie crafts mosaics of sound that range from uplifting to melancholy, touching on a world of emotion in between. Delicate drum patterns spiral beneath experimental strings, vast pads, and virtuosic vocals, as she explores the contradictions of modern living, both personal and societal.

Harbouring a highly improvisational approach to her production, the album was made from a collaborative perspective, in part garnered from years as an active member of activist communities. With synthesisers and a computer as her primary instrument, Odalie’s songwriting is governed more by her inquisitive spirit than by the restrictions of formal musicality. As such, the structures and arrangements throughout the album are free from restraint.

Puissante Vulnérabilité is an attempt at offering a different perspective; an encouraging project to inspire the pursuit of strength in that which may seem weak. 

Odalie “Puissante Vulnérabilité”

1. Orages intérieurs
2. Attendre l’éclaircie
3. We are Nature feat. Black Lilys
4. Vents contraires
5. Wounded
6. Battements
7. Caresse
8. Danse des astres
9. Clear the air


upcoming dates:

24 June, Bakou, Azerbaïdjan – Space of Mugam international festival
4 July, Sariñena, Spain – Nowhere

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