Introducing: Matilda Lyn with debut single ‘A Bowl of Unripe Fruit’

Matilda Lyn has an uncanny knack for putting concise and wry words to the aches and pains of coming of age. With her debut single, ‘A Bowl Of Unripe Fruit’, a soft, guitar-led and melodic statement of intent from the Swedish songwriter and producer, Matilda stakes her claim as a bold and intentional new artist to watch. From the sad, still life image which gives the title track its name – “There’s a bowl of unripe fruit / Everyone just wants to take a bite” – and throughout the gentle melody, Matilda breathes life into the idea that we are never satisfied with what we have, and are always chasing the next thrill.

Speaking about the track, Matilda says “I wrote ‘A Bowl of Unripe Fruit’ in my bedroom 1.5 years ago with the feeling of always wanting something else. Playing with the thought of “what if all my dreams stood in front of me” would that really make me happy and fulfilled?

‘A Bowl Of Unripe Fruit’ is written, performed and produced by Matilda Lyn, and released today on Giant, the new LA-based label helmed by Jeffrey Azoff, founder of Full Stop Management (Harry Styles, Lizzo, Anderson .Paak, James Blake).

The track is accompanied by a video, which sees Matilda walking through a forest, eventually shedding the heavy load she’s carrying and heading straight into a body of water until she’s fully submerged, referencing the feeling of ennui that the song so brilliantly conjures.

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Matilda caught the producing bug during her time at Sweden’s prestigious Musik Makarna school, the foremost songwriting academy in Europe. In creating her own brand of intricate, ethereal pop, her music is wholly introspective and relatable, marked by Matilda’s unique ability to juxtapose her own sugary sweet vocals with more dissonant and surprising instrumental elements. An assured and accomplished songwriter, musician, vocalist and producer, Matilda is set to make a huge mark in 2023.

Listen or Download Matilda Lyn’s ‘A Bowl of Unripe Fruit’ here

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Photo Credit Jimmy Bui