Eric Hilton (of Thievery Corporation) & Natalia Clavier releases ‘Amor Astral’ from new album “Corazon Kintsugi”

From downtempo electronic music Godfather Eric Hilton and his longtime Thievery Corporation vocal collaborator Natalia Clavier comes “Corazon Kintsugi”, a sublime new studio album that explores the flaws and resilience of the human heart. ‘Amor Astral’ is taken from the long player, which is released next month on the Montserrat House label.

Hilton and Clavier’s musical relationship dates back to 2008, when he produced her debut album “Nectar” for Eighteenth Street Lounge Music. The Argentinian singer-songwriter was subsequently invited to be part of Thievery Corporation’s live act, and sang on their stunning 2014 album “Saudade”. Clavier refers to Hilton as her “biggest musical mentor”, while Hilton calls Natalia a “muse on steroids”.

I had quite a few fragments of songs that I felt would work better with a vocalist than as solo pieces, and Natalia created that outlet for me,” says Hilton.It was a great break artistically to work with a singer and songs, instead of instrumentals. I had a very heavy hand in this record, but she trusted me and brought so many great ideas. There were no creative battles at all, Natalia and I have mutual respect and that’s why it worked,” says the producer. Clavier concurs. “Eric and I speak the same language. I asked him – “How do you feel about me singing in Spanish and maybe Portuguese?”, and he was so enthusiastic. He gives me creative freedom, which allows me to be totally open.

The pensive title track “Corazón Kintsugi” which opens the record, contains the lyric “rebuilding myself is an art” – something Clavier was focused on as she worked through a challenging personal transition at the start of this project.

When I heard the music for what ultimately became “Corazon Kintsugi”, I knew I wanted to write about mending a broken heart, but not from a romantic perspective,” says Clavier. “I’ve always been fascinated by Japanese aesthetics, art, their ceremonies….Kintsugi, the art of repairing broken pottery with gold, which makes the imperfections more visible, celebrating them, is beautiful. And of course, corazón means “the heart” in Spanish. I thought that Corazon Kintsugi would be a beautiful metaphor for how we heal our hearts, grow and move forward in life.

The album “Corazón Kintsugi” by Eric Hilton with Natalia Clavier will be released by Montserrat House on September 29th, 2023.

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