“DanceOrama” a Brand new concept album from Icelandic electro pioneers Gusgus

The forever exploring electronic entity of a band, Gusgus has opened yet a new era in their unique sonic multiverse with their 12th album ‘DanceOrama’. A nine-track concept album based on a strange mysterious place – DanceOrama – a rave-mall in a nostalgic future. It’s the place to be, where you can experience infinite freedom, genre, and gender free.

Moving from the pulsating new-wave-influenced techno-pop of their last album ‘Mobile Home’ (2019), Gusgus emits the vibe of ‘DanceOrama’ on their new album as an arousing, melody-rich hybrid of 80s/90s parties and raves which is split between euphoric fusioned pop anthems and genre-free instrumental journeys.

‘DanceOrama’ features the band’s new vocalist, Margrét Rán, the lead singer of VÖK, who collaborated with them on their last album for the track ‘Higher’ – a pulsating techno reggae track that proved to be one of the band’s biggest tracks to date. Now a full member of the band, Margrét will be touring with the band who come to the UK for a one-off show at the Electric Brixton on 20 October. (Tickets here)

On the ‘DanceOrama’ concept and the recent journey of Gusgus’ music, the band creative force Biggi Veira – “This album is a strange hybrid of the 80’s and 90’s parties twisted into a genre-free blend of arousing experiences. The album consists of five instrumental tracks and four vocal pop songs, ranging from 105-158 bpm, and exploring various influences from the ’80s and ’90s and even the 70’s in a strange fusion of techno, trance, italo-disco, house, and pop that emits the rawness and innocence of previous decades.

The pop songs are quite strictly set as stories related to the mysteries and rumors of DanceOrama. One track in particular will be very exciting for our fans, as it has been a regular final track on our live show since the album ‘Arabian Horse’ in 2011. This is the track ‘Breaking Down’ that was recorded during the album ‘Mexico’ in 2013 with Earth and Högni on vocals but, due to emotional turmoil, has never been released until now.

Gusgus ‘DanceOrama’

The Terras
The Rivals
When We Sing feature VÖK
Unfinished Symphony
Breaking Down
Chaos Machine
Useful Data

‘DanceOrama’ is the start of a new era for Gusgus. With more music set for release in 2024, the band will tour their full band live show through the UK and Europe.

When is The Gusgus “DanceOrama” album released??

“DanceOrama”  will be released on  10th November and is available to pre-order now.

What formats The Gusgus “DanceOrama” album be available on?

“DanceOrama” will be available in CD, digital platforms, and vinyl product.

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