Ezéchiel Pailhès (one half of Nôze) announces a piano solo / synth album ‘Ventas Rumba’

With his new instrumental album Ventas Rumba, Ezéchiel Pailhès, the French composer (and singer) returns to his signature instrument, the piano, blending it with warm synth tones. This album represents a “return to his roots “, allowing Ezéchiel Pailhès to reinvent himself in a seamless way while still exploring ballads and ritornellos, halfway between light-heartedness and melancholy.

Ezéchiel Pailhès has been meaning to write a solo piano album for as long as he can remember. Hardly surprising, of course, for this academically-trained pianist, brought up on classical music and then studied jazz. Yet, since his 2001 debut with the electro-pop duo Nôze, and his subsequent four albums, the artist had constantly postponed this project that was so close to his heart. Then in 2022, just as he was getting ready to start producing an album of new songs, this long-standing aim finally materialized. The melodies he wrote seemed to stand on their own naturally, spurring him on to compose this series of fourteen tracks, recorded in sessions split between France and Latvia.

Tracklist CD:
01. Unless – 02. Piccolo – 03. Sway – 04. Almost There (Piano Version) – 05. Ventas Rumba – 06.
Pianovado – 07. La ligne (Modular Version) – 08. Opus 53 – 09. Eclair – 10. Flat Feet – 11. La valse
des singes – 12. Louanges – 13. Fly Finger – 14. Ferveur

Tracklist LP:
A1. Unless – A2. Piccolo – A3. Sway – A4. Almost There (Piano Version) – A5. Ventas Rumba – A6.
Pianovado – A7. La ligne (Modular Version) – B1. Opus 53 – B

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