Melodic Tracks of the Year 2024 (So Far)

We have selected the best 40 Melodic Tracks of the Year 2024 So Far. These tracks, featured in our Melodic ConnectFM episodes throughout the year, are now available in a special edition for streaming on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify playlists.

Melodic Best of 2024 So Far features the biggest names in the electronic music scene alongside new artists you might be hearing for the first time, including Peggy Gou, CamelPhat, Sasha, Lauren Ritter, Alec Troniq, Atelier, Maxime Dangles, Will Hofbauer, Fahlberg, Natascha Polké, SOHN, Amirali, CYRK, Doctr, Panthera, Ian O’Donovan, Alfonso Muchacho, Hall North, and more

Listen to the Best 40 Melodic Tracks of the Year 2024 (So Far…)Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version Curated by Doogie

Tracklist :
1. Kenoa – Change
2. Don Lockwood – Océane (Thaddeus Sunrise Remix)
3. Lauren Ritter – Antigone
4. Always Friends – Little Chant (Cuillere Remix)
5. Alec Troniq – Its Not A Feature Its A Bug
6. Atelier – Friday
7. Maxime Dangles – Rebellion

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8. Will Hofbauer – Moss On – Aus Music
9. Hall North – Guarana (DJ Samer ‘Ode To Simons Club’ Remix)
10. Beau Soleil – Dream (Original Mix)
11. Bouquet – Magnolia
12. Zed White – Sol De Verano
13. Pammin – Tomorrow
14. Alfonso Muchacho – Holding Me Back
15. Mitch Oliver – Control Z feat. Might Delete Later (Extended Mix)
16. Schoonebeek – Hold On (Extended Mix)
17. ENØS – Odyssey
18. Sasha – Fleuron Drift
19. Fahlberg – A Heart to Share (Short edit)
20. Natascha Polké – Poison of Choice
21. Tom Westy – In The Dark (Extended Mix)
22. Helsloot feat. Rangleklods – Beautiful Losers
23. CamelPhat feat. SOHN – Turning Stones (Arodes & Josh Gigante Remix)
24. Alex Gold & Gid Sedgwick – Eternal (Extended Mix)
25. Skuro feat. Alexander Scott – Illusion (FREY x Human Rias Remix)
26. Braxton & Steven Weston – Splendor
27. Renate, Presi On, Augusto Yepes – Breathe In

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28. Braynod & Tekzee – Unseen
29. Maison Ware – Oceans Of Time (Extended Mix)
30. ANII & Alfa Romero – Gatekeepeer
31. Jono Stephenson – Midnight Sun (Extended Mix)
32. Future Self – Hold On – Sam T Harper Remix
33. Amirali – Fairy Tales
34. CYRK – That’s How It Is
35. Doctr – First Contact (Panthera Remix)
36. Ian O’Donovan – Frontier
37. Lugovskiy – Still Believe
38. Monomood – The Feather
39. Peggy Gou – 1+1=11 (Edit)
40. David Moreau – Letzte Nummer (Original Mix)

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Photo/Cover: Shubham Dhage