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Picture: Adana Twins (Diynamic Music)

“Picture: Adana Twins” showcases the Hamburg duo’s heavy production skills and finally unveils some long awaited gems that have had the Insta-sphere asking for...

Premiere: Allan Shotter – Akihabara (2DIY4)

Electronica duo Vittoria Fleet member Allan Shotter lands his first solo EP, ‘Cassini ’ on Diynamic Music ’s sister label, 2DIY4. Inspired by NASA’s Cassini...

Picture: Denis Horvat (Diynamic Music)

“Picture: Denis Horvat” is the fifth instalment of Diynamic Music’s picture series, and as intended for the format, the Danish Croat meticulously demonstrates his...

ELAX (a.k.a. Boys Noize) – Sueño EP on Diynamic Music

After presenting his Diynamic debut „Reaktor“ on the Four To The Floor series back in August, ELAX (a.k.a. Boys Noize) is returning with his...

Moscoman – “Picture: Moscoman” on Diynamic Music

“Picture: Moscoman” presents the driving and melodic rhythms of the Israeli producer Chen Moscovici, founder of eclectic label Disco Halal, who understands to not...