Kush Kush -Fight Back With Love Tonight

It’s safe to say that you have heard this catchy jazz sample being used in „Fight Back With Love Tonight“ in the past and you are right – British music act White Town used it 1997 in their hit single „Your Women“ – that version peaked at number 1 on the UK Singles Charts as well as #1 in Spain. Several other Top10 chart entries in other countries followed.
The jazz sample is originally from a song called „My Woman“, a swing track composed in 1932 by Lew Stone & the Monseigneur Band featuring Al Bowlly on the vocals – sidenote: Al Bowlly used to be one of the biggest UK vocalists back in the 30s.
Now we have 2017 and a yet unknown music production team appearing under the name of Kush Kush are applying this legendary sample in their first single „Fight Back With Love Tonight“. Their location as well as their identity is still unknown – we only know that they are hiding their faces under rabbit masks. The name „Kush“ itself is of persian expression and could be translated as “happy” or “attractive” at the same time. Furthermore Kush in the same meaning is a sort of cannabis which makes you high – check the song „K.U.S.H.“ (Keeps Us So High) by Cypress Hill to see where they might get their inspiration from.
Kush Kush’s approach of using the sample is the modern way – a downbeat electronica instrumental combined with trap drums, melodic synthesizer pad sounds, rounded up by atmospheric and emotional male vocals.
The meaning of the lyrics is quite simple: „Get it on, get it on – fight back with love tonight“
„Fight Back With Love Tonight“ is taking you to a higher state and will be a big smasher this coming summer.



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