Download : Freud’s Out & About from SmallPrint Vol. 3 Compilation on SmallPrint Recordings

Chill-out collective, SmallPrint Recordings, share first single lifted from their forthcoming third volume of elegant recordings. The liquid and groovy track, ‘Out & About’, was produced by Portuguese talent, Freud.
Freud is known for his diverse genre-hopping production – drawing on jazz, dub step, hip-hop and 140bpm beats. Spliced together with an old recording of a radio conversation and a soulful vocal, the track is eloquent in its use of a Spanish guitar and alien beats to create a wondrous sense of longing, reminiscent of Bicep and Ben UFO. Building a substantial relationship with SmallPrint over the internet, Freud has stuck with the trio since the beginning, offering tracks for all three of their official compilations.

‘Out & About’ is lifted from SmallPrint Recordings third volume/compilation album, which features 34 tracks spanning 10 countries of origin. Featuring previous collaborators (Kercha, Khromi, Sun) and various newcomers (Ill Chill, Strangers, Mouldy Soul), the project is filled with a variety of genres: down-tempo, ambient, lounge bass, future-step, nu-jazz, etc. The release promises to be a mesmerising journey from start to finish, with a tune perfect for every mood and every kind of listener.
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SmallPrint Recordings (Primate – Joe Vince, Marka – Mark Aidallbery and Effluent – Luke Wightman) was born in 2014 out of three friends all studying music production in their final year at university. Having been friends from a young age, the visionaries shared a joint love for electronic music, notably sneaking into drum and bass nights in 2008. Mixing vinyl records and making minimalist drum and bass tunes originally, the real project began to materialise when the members began to immerse themselves in other genres, including jazz, hip-hop, and ambient electronica. Sharing their first real material on Soundcloud, SmallPrint Recordings gained the momentum to launch their first compilation album – a 20-track offering composed by producers the trio met online, friends of the group, and fellow producers in and around the Brighton area. Since then producers have shared multiple EPs with the label to release, and subsequently the company have had the creative stamina to put out a second volume of collaborative recordings.
Now back with their stellar third volume of recordings, SmallPrint are certainly at the helm of a new wave of genre-pushing music and an innovative release process. If Freud’s track is anything to go by, then music-lovers from all walks of life should be certain there’s something for them on this multi-talented label’s third offering.


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