Claudio Ricci ” Warschauer Strasse (Incl. Timo Maas & Basti Grub, Kintar, and Metodi Hristov Remixes)” – Stripped Down

Stripped Down Records is a brand new label that will focus on raw grooves. Founded by Claudio Ricci and Christian and Monika Zorn, the first release comes from Ricci and features essential remixes from Timo Maas & Basti Grub, Kintar and Metodi Hristov.

Claudio Ricci has nearly 20 years experience in dance music with his music taking cues from all genres and coming on labels like Compost and MoBack. As a DJ he is just as diverse and always leans on more organic sounds and rich melodies. His timeless single here is a great way to kick off the new label.

Entitled ‘Warschauer Strasse’, it is seven excellently expansive minutes of twisted synths that bring real tension to deep house drums. Cosmic keys take the track into intergalactic realms and as the pads percolate they continue to bring raw energy to the groove.

Release Date:26-05-2018

1. Warschauer Strasse (Original Mix)
2. Warschauer Strasse (Timo Maas & Basti Grub Strolling Around Warschauer Remix)
3. Warschauer Strasse (Kintar Remix)
4. Warschauer Strasse (Metodi Hristov Remix)


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