Mix of the Day : Entoniu & Agape – mix dubiks

Listen Entoniu & Agape 2h new mix4dubiks

1. Plusculaar – Psychonauts
2. Entoniu & Agape – Prog me (Unrelease)
3. Djosh – Il Disco (Original Mix)
4. stillill – 100 Pieces (Original Mix)
5. Entoniu & Agape – Old fever (Unrelease)
6. Dominic Aquila – Covfefe (Original Mix)
7. Javier Carballo Feat. Carlos Sanchez – 928
8. Doubtingthomas – Dem Unbekannten
9. Mikhail Kobzar – Komocheck (Enzo Leep Remix)
10. Steeve March – Tocandira (Entoniu & Agape Remix) (Unrelease)
11. Dragosh – Got You Huum
12. Herrmann Beyer – Bantu (Original Mix)
13. Butric – Down
14. Entoniu & Agape – Heepo (Unrelease)
15. Miro Pajic, Medu – V3 (Original Mix)
16. Smoud Beats – No Rules (TIJN Remix)
17. Davide Cali – Weddell
18. Entoniu & Agape – Penisola (Unrelease)
19. Kikuya – Black Rain (Original Mix)
20. Unknown – Ijzeren Rots (Vinyl only)
21. The Black Pony Orchestra – Take3
22. George Campean – Cosmetic Dub (Vincent Casanova)
23. Be.Future – First Mood (Original Mix)
24. Boniface – Medusa (Vinyl Only)
25. July´z – Krock01
26. Entoniu & Agape – Table (Unrelease)
27. Smoud Beats – Space Travel (Herck Stellar Remix)
28. Involuntary Movement – Without Home

After 10 years of friendship we have now a new projetc Entoniu&Agape;

Agape, is born in 1986, and working as musician and dj since 1998.Since he was a child, he studied music, and during the years he got involved with other arts like graphic design, photography and cinematography. As a frequencies connoisseur, he likes to experiment and manipulate sounds, and he’s currently carrying on his project as dj-producer.
Entoniu born in 83 since the early 2000s get to know and appreciate electronic music attending clubs like clubber since 2005 and decided to pursue his career as a DJ performing well and taking many friendships with many international DJs.
From 2008 to 2012 with his first nick name starts producing by his friend and mentor Agape. In 2012 he decided to leave the music after his first and last international date in Germany. In 2014 thanks to his always dear friends decide to undertake the production of a new album released on ILISHO RECORDS under the acronym of Avg.