Innervisions and LWE at The Royal Albert Hall (21st September 2018)

Innervisions unveils plans to showcase its signature sound in London on Friday 21st September 2018, with a spellbinding show at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall featuring live and DJ sets from Innervisions acclaimed artists as well as special guests.

Founded in 2005 by Steffen Berkhahn, aka Dixon, plus Kristian Rädle and Frank Wiedemann of Âme, Innervisions has become synonymous with setting the agenda on groundbreaking and diverse dance music, whether on record or in a live capacity.

Alongside LWE, the pair will make history by hosting an innovative electronic music event in such esteemed surroundings, with the night undoubtedly going down as a colossal triumph for the Royal Albert Hall, the label and London itself.

Ahead of the announcement, Innervisions say, “What better place to showcase the label’s broad and diverse musical cosmos than Royal Albert Hall, an iconic London venue which has been inspiring artists and audiences and creating life enriching experiences for over a century. This magical venue will be the perfect backdrop for a spellbinding night of live and DJ performances by Innervisions’ own artists as well as selected friends and family of the label.

Innervisions London is not to be missed. The performance will be an unforgettable milestone for both Royal Albert Hall and the label, as modern electronic music is taken out of the clubs and thrust onto the stage of a global icon. Be a part of Innervisions history.