MÖD3RN returns with a new EP “Echoes Of Tomorrow”

Techno group MÖD3RN returns with a new EP, “ECHOES OF TOMORROW,” showcasing a fresh take on techno and marking a new chapter in their sound.

Producers Electric Rescue,

Kmyle and

are back this summer with a five-track EP that reflects the group’s evolution since 2013, blending fast grooves, futuristic synths, and driving percussion.

It follows critically acclaimed releases and electrifying worldwide live shows, and ushers in a new era for MÖD3RN’s music.

MÖD3RN “Echoes Of Tomorrow”
Release date: July, 12nd 2024

1. Quantum
2. Evolution
3. Future Waves
4. Echoes Of Tomorrow (Part 1)
5. Echoes Of Tomorrow (Part 2)

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