Premiere: Transistor Rhythms – Caresses

” Caresses” by Transistor Rhythms is taken from “The Art Of Being Yourself” LP out 21st June on his own imprint.

Transistor Rhythms presents, “The Art Of Being Yourself”. A mosaic of emotions captured in electronic soundscapes. This album draws inspiration from the likes of Daniel Avery, Bicep, and Jon Hopkins, yet distinguishes itself with a distinct gritty edge. It’s a project that transcends the typical club record, aiming instead for a profound narrative journey through passion, hope, and introspection.

The artist describes the work as “intensely personal,” marking significant moments in their personal and musical growth. This is a bold step into new sonic territory for the artist, reflecting a commitment to crafting a sound that’s both expansive and intimately reflective of the artist’s influences and experiences.

“It’s intensely personal.

Passion, power, hope, elation. A fever dream of emotion.
Over the course of the album, I have attempted to capture a multitude of feelings and tell a story of very real experiences.

Each record is a catalogue of a point in time, showing where I was at musically and where I was at mentally.

The album is a direct reflection of my musical influences and taste. Many different artists can claim to have had a hand in the making of this album. Some might be obvious, others, less so.I didn’t want this to be a collection of club records, it has far more intention than that.

This is a push into new territory. Into something wider, something more in line with the sound I want to create. Every track stands alone in its own space, but the true feeling of the album is best captured, like any good story, when listened to from the beginning. ” Transistor Rhythms

Track Listing:

1. Crossing The Event Horizon
2. Let Bygones Be Gone By The Wayside
3. Hyperborea
4. Caresses
5. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
6. The Grid
7. The Art Of Being Yourself
8. Reticence
9. You Can Never Go Back

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