Detect Classic Festival: Electronic and Classical Artists at Schloss Bröllin, Listen to Exclusive mixes from Simon Popp (Popp Drum Trio) & more TBA

From July 19th to 21st, 2024, the 800-year-old Schloss Bröllin estate will host the Detect Classic Festival, showcasing electronic and classical artists in the idyllic German countryside. This year’s edition features over 80 acts, blending local and international talent across genres, with a primary focus on live music.


The electronic music lineup is particularly impressive this year, featuring artists like the always captivating Kater-Blau resident Mira, whose energy matches any dancefloor she graces. While Die Wilde Jagd will be channeling minimalist, tenebrous intensity, crafting a dense and atmospheric web of drama, romance, ecstasy, and melancholy. Audiences can also look forward to Lithuanian producer Roe Deers whose DJ sets and music productions captivate with vintage analog synths, rolling arps, and fresh, imaginative arrangements, as well as the influential sound maker martha van straaten, whose sound has been described as the patchwork of a thousand joyful days in the sun, always blending colorful tunes and influences from her travels into her sets.

detect classic festival
19.–21. Juli 2024
Schloss Bröllin

For more information please visit Detect Classic Festival

Popp Drum Trio at Detect this year and we‘re proud to present you today Exclusive Mix from Simon Popp.

Pulsare Aus Der Kassiopeia – Max-Planck-Institut Für Radioastronomie, Bonn
(aus Joachim-Ernst Berendt – Die Welt Ist Klang, Nada Brahma“)
De Leon – B3
Fazer Drums – Sound Measures (Azu Tiwaline Rework)
Moritz von Oswald Trio – Sounding Line 3
Stefan Schultze – Culture Vulture
Polygonia – Gesang der Eichen
Popp – Bouderath (out on Nov 25th)
Marlui Miranda & Rodolfo Stroeter – Ñaumu
Glen Velez – Bodhran
Family Of Percussion – Hymn For Her
Popp – MEOH (out on Nov 25th)
Rico Toto – Jungle Meditation
Ferdi Schuster – Creating Moment
Popp – DLY

The drum trio, led by Munich-based drummer and composer Simon Popp, plays its way through polyrhythmic structures with an incredible sense of timing and mood. It contrasts earthy and airy sounds, blurring the boundaries between the electronic and acoustic worlds and making a powerful statement about what contemporary percussion music can be today: A rich soundscape that utilises the full range of all percussion instruments. Sometimes driving, sometimes meditative. Popp, also known as a member of the jazz quintet Fazer, studied jazz percussion in Munich and with his music creates his very own category of non-category, “[…] which draws its strength precisely from the fact that it deliberately does not locate itself between jazz, pop or world music. And this is precisely what makes Simon Popp one of the most exciting drummers in Munich at the moment.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung). In 2023, Simon Popp was honoured with the City of Munich’s Music Prize.

Together with the two exceptional drummers Flurin Mück (CH) and Sebastian Wolfgruber (DE), Popp has already presented his drum trio on numerous stages such as Überjazz Hamburg, Leipziger Jazztage and Studio 2 of Bayerischer Rundfunk.

JakoJako will perform at the Detect festival this year, and today we present her latest Groove Mix to you, following the Popp Drum Trio‘s exclusive mix.
Listen: JakoJako – Groove Mix
Tracklist and more

Noufān will perform at the Detect festival this year, and today we present Exclusive Mix to you, following JakoJako‘s Groove Mix and the Popp Drum Trio‘s exclusive mix
Exclusive Podcast Mix: noufān