Aaaron, Deckert and Valentine Romanski “Moon EP”(connected)

Following up their highly acclaimed debut collaboration ‘Last Day on Earth’ (L.D.O.E.), the Berlin trio of Aaaron, Deckert and Valentine Romanski are back for another excellent offering.

Aaaron is a now long standing member of the connected family, while the trios’ first EP was Deckert’s debut release for the label, and an impressive one it was too. The last piece of the puzzle is Valentine Romanski, the vocalist who brings heart wrenching emotion to her delicate deliveries. Once again here they cook up something special.

Opener ‘Prologue(Don’t Panic)’ sets the tone for the journey to come with harmonious but pulsing grooves that take you into outer space. It’s a warm and cerebral groove of real depth and cinematic styles thanks to the twirling keys and spoken word vocals. The brilliantly emotional ‘Moon’ is an artful piece of deep house with great vocals and organic percussion fleshing out the rolling drums and adding up to a subtly epic piece filled with suspense.

Then comes the superbly cosmic ‘Point of no Return’ which leaves bounding limitations of contemporary club music behind by exploring a completely distinct soundscape. It even references a certain ‘80s pop vibe and has withering sci-fi keys and twirling stars all colouring the groove. Last of all, a dub version of Moon offers warm drums and grooves in which to get lost.

As the trio say themselves, “The voyage is just beginning. Godspeed! Moon. Made on Earth by Humans”.

Release Date:22-06-2018

1. Prologue(Don’t Panic)
2. Moon (Original)
3. Point Of No Return
4. Moon (Dub)