Premiere : Andre Sobota – Missing Line (Blue Cell Melodic Remix)

The 44th release on Clubsonica Records welcomes Andre Sobota to the label for his debut EP. Coming from considerable acclaim, the Brazilian artist rose to the forefront of electronic music in 2012 when his remix of Coldplay & Rihanna’s ‘Princess Of China’ was picked up and played by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. Following that Andre’s two tracks ‘Voyager’ and ‘Found’ were signed by Eric Prydz for release on his Pryda Friends label and with that the Brazilian had earned a place in the progressive house elite. More recently Andre has found a home on ICONYC and Proton Music where his melodic prowess has continued to flourish. Now making his much anticipated Clubsonica debut Andre presents his latest single ‘Missing Line’ alongside remixes from Juan Pablo Torrez, Golan Zocher and Blue Cell.

Hailing from Germany, Joachim Broeckers and Nicolas Albrecht make up the Blue Cell production duo. Having first appeared on Clubsonica in November of 2017 with a remix of ‘Return’ by Rich Curtis the duo now returns with an equally excellent rendition of Andre Sobota. Warm and full of great shape, the foundation carves a path where the main themes get reinvented in charming fashion. The luminous melodies quickly steal your heart before a short break transfers energy into a chunky, yet musically inspired third act. It rounds out what is yet another landmark release for Clubsonica Records, who not only add Andre Sobota as a label artist but continue to build an impressive legacy within the progressive house underground.
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