Litorate pres. ‘Staring at the Floor’EP+Listen To Me video

Litorate is Joaquín León, Seville-based artist whose disciplines go around film, music and design. Our guy, and after a long career playing in independent Spanish pop-rock bands (Úrsula, Trisfe, A German Brunette), decided to explore song structures with deeper electronic music textures and infectious vocals on his own.

“Starting at the Floor” (Beautiful Accident, 2018) means the first step of a promising new path. Four contemporary songs where Litorate embraces urban sounds, synthpop, slomo house, vaporwave and even R’n’B. All this composed and performed at any time with the language of analogue synths (he is a good collector), drum machines and classical instruments. Ok, sometimes he feels good looping live and then cooks it slowly digitally.