Watch : Fakear’s “Vision ft. Claire Laffut” Video

“Vision ft. Claire Laffut” is taken from the last album of Fakear ‘All Glows’ released last April on Counter Records .
The video highlights characters that are frozen in a very architectural world, they are made of gold, gold is slowly withdrawing and they are starting to move, and we realize that they are in a world without any meaning. No laws, they walk on the walls, ceiling As the video, they come together in one place and begin to disappear one by one by.
I saw this as a loop in fact; they disappear from where they arrived. And then become statues later in various parts of the universe and the cycle starts again … That’s why they ask themselves all these questions (those mentioned in the lyrics).
“Julien Missaire

Tour dates :
07.08.2018 – Elsewhere – Brooklyn (US)
08.08.2018 – Flash – Washington (US)
09.08.2018 – Théatre Corona – Montréal (CA)
11.08.2018 – Splash House – PalmSprings (US)
12.08.2018 – Shambhala – Salmo (CA)