Kim Ann Foxman presents Pleasure Planet, alongside Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey-EP Released 31st August 2018 on self : timer

Pleasure Planet is the latest musical venture of Kim Ann Foxman alongside Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey, and enables the trio to express and explore their unique and eclectic musical tastes. Their first release will drop on the brand new Firehouse imprint, self : timer.

Pleasure Planet is an extraterrestrial doomsday cult consisting of Andrew Potter, Kim Ann Foxman and Brian Hersey. They do whatever they want and their music is their message to Planet Earth. self : timer is their messenger. The rest doesn’t matter. Goodnight.Pleasure Planet

Pleasure Planet has been a little while in the making. Having worked together for five years sharing studios where they would spend many late nights experimenting musically, Foxman, Potter and Hersey relationship naturally progressed into the band they present us with today. Pleasure Planet are all about the psychedelic, the weird and the wonderful. self : timer was created as an outlet for their musical tastes and they welcome other artists to share their same creative ideals.

Released: 31st August 2018

1 Get Lost
2 Suzuki Samurai
3 Evaporate
4 Polyboo