Francesca Lombardo – Young Tears (incl.Tigerskin Remix) on Bar25

Francesca Lombardo has been well-renowned in the world of electronic music for years. Throughout the course of her career, she has cultivated a sound of her own, one that represents her multi-disciplinary background and transcends the dance floor via an emotional narrative of dreamy soundscapes, stirring melodies and hypnotic rhythms.
Francesca’s breakthrough dates to her first release with Crosstown Rebels in 2011. Bar25 now presents two first-class tracks by Francesca, powerful and from the heart. “Young tears Navid” is convincing with a driving dynamic and dreamy sound elements. The song “On the Ssshhhhiiiiide“ mesmerizes with delicate vocals and deep groove. Also contributing is the artist Tigerskin, who perfectly wraps up this release with his remix version of “Young tears Navid”. Dive into this world of sound.

release date 07.09.2018

Francesca Lombardo – Young Tears Navid (Original Mix)
Francesca Lombardo – Young Tears Navid (Tigerskin Remix)
Francesca Lombardo – On the Ssshhhhiiiiide (Original Mix)