Premiere : Fazlen – Friday 6PM

Fazlen makes his much anticipated debut on Deepwibe Underground with his three track ‘Friday 6PM’ EP.

Analog at birth, digital by design. Doctors from birth preformed unspeakable lengthy surgeries upon a child in the hopes of transforming him into the one; the One to uphold the Speed Garage proficy … With this divine knowledge buried deep within, the key to the unlocking was set in the vibrations & bump of one rare beat. With the infinite amount of energy in this world that passed through him consistently the moment was upon him. His soul burst unleashing the secrets to his real hidden mind power. He set out in search of his destiny with the use of his time on this planet and the power of music. His offering to all as a demonstration of the unknown virtues of insomnia, insanity and the perfect drop. This child transform to mad Sound scientist lost his mind but somewhere beyond the reach of the ordinary being uploaded it on HD. With absolutely No artificially flavouring his funky beats never cease to over flow and blow earthing minds. Every storm runs outta rain but the insanity never runs outta groove.

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