Stream : Daphne and the Fuzz new album “2AM” (Inner Ear)

“2 AM”, travels through a variety of genres, combines elements from the band’s familiar sound with new intense dance and up-tempo elements and confirms that Daphne Lz is not afraid to try new things. With Vasilis Nissopoulos (member of Daphne and the Fuzz but also of Wheres-wilder) in production and influenced by the sound of the French touch scene, she started the recordings of the album in 2017. In the summer of 2018 and while the recordings were completed the band decided to collaborate with Greek electronic artist NTEIΒINT, who added his own significant touch to the mixing of the album.

The result is a modern electronic pop record that expands into a multitude of sounds and moods. Space ballads, funky grooves, dance beats but also some more introverted, psychedelic elements produce a unique listening experience. The lyrics of the eleven tracks range from more extrovert in the dance tracks (“Pawnshop”, “Dance”) to very personal, such as in the love ballads “Space and Sound” and “Waiting” or the lyrics of existential quest in “After Midnight” “Step By Step” and in the very dynamic, on the brink of post punk, “All These Things”.

01. Early Morning
02. Pawnshop
03. Space and Sound
04. Waiting
05. Dance
06. Life Is Yours
07. After Midnight
08. Step By Step
09. All These Things
10. Glitter & Dust
11. Mr. Everywhere