Premiere : Javier Ganuza – Slaves Of The Darkness

Having spent the best part of a decade carving himself a unique space in the big wide world of electronic music, Javier Ganuza has continued to push the boundaries of his unique techno based sound, earning himself a fine reputation amongst his peers for his superb and often extended DJ sets and gaining worldwide acclaim for creating chart topping tracks made for dark and smoky dancefloors, in the process earning himself the nickname ‘Basque King OF Techno’.

Recorded over a 12 month period ‘Slaves To Society‘ brings Javier’s transition from making music specifically for the dancefloor through to music for the mind and the senses along the way skirting the edges of ambient, industrial, breaks, dub and other areas while consistently walking by itself with his unmistakable techno sound.

This certainly is not tapping-your-feet, feel-good happy music but an expression of something much more raw and darker, winding, deep techno selections up with enough variation and shade to avoid ever sounding one-dimensional. It’s techno dealt by someone whose technique has been refined through years of practise in front of the world’s most discerning audiences.
In a time when austerity is running strife with society being pulled apart at the seems and leaders in the world who don’t fear war, in these times we look for hope, Maybe the depths to which electronic sound can take us are not just simply reflective of tough times and tough emotional states-they can help us understand and navigate those things, too.

1. Intro
2. Labyrinth
3. Last Travel
4. Blackfire
5. You Destroy Me
6. XXI
7. Sinister Movement
8. Slaves Of The Darkness
9. Xtension
10. Forever *bonus track

Attention DJ’s
Slaves Of The Darkness is available For Club DJ-s and Radio DJ’s
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