T.M.A – Broken Lines (incl. Stereo.type’s Remix) on Lukins

T.M.A – Broken Lines ,out January 11th, 2019
T.M.A drops a magical three tracker on Lukins, ‘Broken Lines’, including Stereo.type’s remix. Opening the title track is like slow discovery, as the boys tease a beautifully crafted piece of music laid out in a fantastic atmospheric ambience. This is home listening at its finest, a story, and a journey.
‘Structure’ is where the boys break onto the dancefloor. A tech-house-y number, upbeat and with an air of optimism through a lovely warmth and lightness achieves by its playful synth rhythms and melodies. Of course the track lays down some heat when it needs to. Stereo.type remixes the title track, taking it towards the floor rather than a soft touch. They drive the track with an uneasy tension, teasing the fire and giving us a heavy dose of late night action.