Melodic Journey 49: Tracks of the Week

The latest episode of ConnectFM Tracks of the Week Melodic Journey 49 is available now to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Spotify

This episode incl. the best new Tracks and Remixes from:

Laurent Garnier, Boris Dlugosch, Marc Romboy, C.A.R., Johannes Albert, S’Express x Daddy Squad, Rodriguez Jr., Tal Fussman, Iman Houssein, Mirror People, Ucha, Moderna Y Theus Mago, Ranj Kaler, Slow Assembly, Thommy Simmons, Chores, CYRK, Savage, Matteo Pasquini, Dylan Deck, Allan McLoud, BOHEM, Jano Gil, 6884, Siavash, Ten Walls, Apsara, Steve Self, Octave One, Giorgia Angiuli, Nomads, Øostil & Rêverie, Azzecca, Krankbrother, P41, Nabihah Iqbal, Alan watts, Martin Merz, Mark Hawkins, Lazarus, BAD ZU, 0ll, Nu Selva, Pastor In Vegas & Jose Rodriguez

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie


Tal Fussman – No Return (Intro) [Survival Tactics]
Iman Houssein – Theodora [BBE Music]
Mirror People – Sea of Possibilities [Belong Records]
Ucha – Moonlight Drive (Extended Mix) [Déepalma Records]
Moderna Y Theus Mago – Asesino Sicótico (Mijo y Macaulay Hazme Famosa Mix)
Pastor In Vegas & Jose Rodriguez – Kala [Blackxess]

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Ranj Kaler – Alone [Pro B Tech Music]
Slow Assembly – Slow Burn [Circuit Grooves]
Thommy Simmons, Chores – Way U Feel [Medium Rare Recordings]
Boris Dlugosch, Marc Romboy, C.A.R. – Survivor (Johannes Albert Remix) [Frank Music]
CYRK – Danton Q [Polari Records]
S’Express x Daddy Squad – Music4TheMind [AAA Battery]
Savage – Don’t Cry Tonight – Don’t Cry Tonight (Matteo Pasquini Extended Mix) [DWA]
Dylan Deck – Sweet & Sour (Allan McLoud Remix) [SLC-6 Music]
BOHEM, Jano Gil – Amanece (Original Mix) [Sirin Music]
6884 – Podavis [Opilec Music]
Siavash – All The Right Words (Ten Walls Remix) [You Plus One]
Apsara – The Light (Steve Self Remix) [Rhythm Cult]
Octave One – Price We Pay (Giorgia Angiuli Remix) [430 West Records]
Nomads – Storm (Original Mix)[Clockbeats]
Øostil & Rêverie – Missing Robot feat. Paula OS (Rodriguez Jr. Instrumental)[Renaissance Records]
Azzecca – Ascent [Maccabi House]
Krankbrother – Cold Wave [Krankbrother]
P41 – Lost [Festina Lente]
Nabihah Iqbal – Sky River [Ninja Tune]
Laurent Garnier – Tales from the real world (Feat. Alan watts) [COD 3 QR]
Martin Merz – Rigolith [Vordergrundmusik]
Mark Hawkins – Frederikalstublieft [AUS Music]
Lazarus – Taiko FM [YUKU]
BAD ZU – GHOST IN THE MACHINE [Hyperboloid Records]
v0ll – Fades [selfreleased]
Nu Selva – Farol Signal [Ruínas]
Tal Fussman – The Chamber (Outro) [Survival Tactics]

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Photo/Cover: Lucas Kapla