GU42: Patrice Bäumel – Berlin (out 29th March 2019)(Global Underground)

GU42: Patrice Bäumel – Berlin
Global Underground presents the latest edition in its signature city album series with #GU42: Patrice Bäumel – Berlin, due for release on Friday 29th March 2019. The album, which follows the last Global Underground city series installments by Solomun, and James Lavelle, is part of the pioneering DJ mix album series which includes alumni such as Sasha, Carl Cox, Deep Dish, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia and John Digweed.

GU42: Patrice Bäumel, Berlin is a tribute from the German DJ and producer to his second home, the album will be available as a double CD, plus digital and streaming formats, and a limited Collector’s Edition 2xCD box set with 110-page photo book containing photographer Dean Belcher’s images of Berlin and 4×12 inch square art prints.

Expertly programmed and mixed, GU42 comes as Patrice Bäumel’s career continues to flourish amongst his string of powerful releases on Kompakt and Afterlife plus his hallowed remixes. His ability to work crowds and deliver powerful experiences is exemplified here. Featuring 49 tracks from established artists and new talent alike, the two mixes include original works from Patrice himself (with three exclusives ‘Expanse’, ‘Collider’, and Mutant Voices’), alongside Phil Kieran, Guy J, Shlømo, Ripperton, Pig&Dan, Markus Guentner, Swayzak, Matthew Dear, Adam Port and many more.

Patrice’s choice of Berlin was simple; it represents the “epicentre of the electronic music world. There is no club scene anywhere else that offers the diversity, freedom, rawness and sheer size of Berlin’s nightlife”. This rings true for many who’ve found the new German capital to be a beacon of freedom, but the city has held a special attraction for him for as long as he can remember. The son of a music journalist father and art historian mother, Bäumel was born in the small East German town of Freital in the communist Eastern Bloc.

Although he grew up behind the Iron Curtain, due to Patrice’s father’s job, music was constantly on around the house during his childhood, from free jazz, Frank Zappa, Nick Cave, Laurie Anderson through to rock and punk bands like The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols or The Ramones. His father encouraged him to find his own musical path, which led to childhood obsessions with Depeche Mode and The Cure, bands whose melancholic nature are still at the root of Patrice’s sound today. A teenage Bäumel attended his first Love Parade in 1994, and so began a life-long obsession with techno, and the city that defined the genre in Europe.

Global Underground Berlin tells my story of a city that has never sold out, that does not know when to stop, that sweeps you off your feet with its relentless energy, that chews you up and spits you out. Had Frank Sinatra lived today, he would be singing about Berlin, the city that never sleeps.Patrice Bäumel.

GU42: Patrice Bäumel – Berlin

01 Markus Guentner – Crystal Castle
02 Barker – Look How Hard I’ve Tried
03 Phil Kieran – Solar Storm (Mano Le Tough Remix)
04 The Drifter & Benjamin Fröhlich – Waterville
05 Jossie Telch – Borders (Eitan Reiter Remix)
06 Rick Pier O’Neil – Planetary (RPO Part 1)
07 Eitan Reiter – Eat You
08 Patrice Bäumel – Expanse
09 Shlømo – M.U.M.
10 President Bongo – Tramontana (Sturm Der Liebe Remix)
11 Ripperton – Leonor’s Lanugo (Anders Ilar’s Leonid Dub)
12 FunkForm – Synthesia
13 Diego Azocar – Natural (Matias Chilano Remix)
14 Nicolas Rada – Cumulonimbus
15 Guido Schneider & Daniel Dreier – Little Helper 290-1
16 Patrice Bäumel – Grace
17 Phil Kieran – Empty Vessels
18 Steve Moore – Worldbuilding
19 Øostil – Quantic
20 HearThuG – Crossroads
21 Pig&Dan – Lost Another Angel (Dub)
22 Mango & Gullen – Manitoba (SineRider Remix)
23 Shlømo – Vanished Breath
24 Markus Guentner – Look at Me

01 Egbert – Trip
02 Christian Löffler – Ghost
03 Jesse Somfay – Lying In A Bed Of Myst
04 Patrice Bäumel – Collider
05 Mehmet Akar – Roll the Dice (Matias Chilano Remix)
06 Edit Select – Undulation
07 Ness – Thought 1
08 Swayzak – So Cheap
09 Luigi Tozzi – Demersal Zone
10 Patrice Bäumel – Mutant Voices
11 Guy J – Fallstar (Rising Mix)
12 Christopher Bissonnette – Jour Et Nuit
13 Château Flight – Cosmic Race
14 Fabrizio Lapiana – Far Away
15 Minilogue – Clouds And Water
16 Aris Kindt – Every New Thing
17 Architectural – A Girl With No Friends
18 Musiccargo – Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir
19 Model 500 – Starlight (Echospace Remix)
20 Sten – Squares
21 Matthew Dear – Another
22 Jayro – Jungle (Fideles Remix)
23 Deepbass & Ness – Distance
24 Reeko – Electrical Phenomena (Remake)
25 Adam Port – Do You Still Think Of Me?

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