Listen : Vatican Shadow offers a gothic remix treatment on My Flower’s forthcoming EP

My Flower – Rea EP
Italian duo My Flower present the ‘Rea EP’ on Milan based imprint Just This, featuring a remix from Vatican Shadow. The three track package is due 18th January.

The title track wanders through sombre harmonies and muffled textures in darkened surroundings, driven forwards by a haunting melodic lead. ‘Haumea’ is an eerie dose of expansive noise textures and agitated synths amongst a broken 4/4 beat.

For his remix of the title track, Vatican Shadow presents a seven-minute excursion morphing the subtlety of the original into an aggressive march of swollen pads and bleak harmonies.

‘Rea EP’ explores the intersection of gothic aesthetics and ambient tones in percussive frameworks, painting vivid imagery that is at once dark and beautiful.

Release date :18 January 2019
01. Rea
02. Haumea
03. Rea (Vatican Shadows Remix)