Tracks of the Week: Melodic Journey 25(ConnectFM)

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Feat. new Tracks and Remixes from:
Artist Code 4D422E, Agents Of Time, Prospa X Kettama, ARTBAT, Dino Lenny, Feverlane, Ragheb Alama, Shkoon, Nina Hepburn, Zone+, David Hasert, Francesco Mami & Lena, Savvidi, Fancy Inc, Tom Westy, Evie Waters, Cormac, Adam Helder, Maryer, Ryan Winters, Lawrence Hart, AQUO, ALMA (AR), Coloü Befu, Another Life, Audioglider & Julius, Cylonik, Prøvost, Neotec, Disaia, Horizons, Narel, Bejenec, Vincenzo Sarti & Alessio Pennati

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Selected & Presented by Doogie

Feverlane – Not Forever (Original Mix) [Poesie Musik]
Ragheb Alama – Ya Rayt (Shkoon Remix) [WTR]
Nina Hepburn – Apollos Mission (Original Mix) [Mono.Noise]
Agents Of Time – Northern Lights [Afterlife]
Zone+ – Amore [in waves]

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David Hasert, Francesco Mami & Lena – Hometown [LIKE Records]
Savvidi – We Fall (Original Mix) [Polyptych]
Fancy Inc & Tom Westy Ft. Evie Waters – Looking For Me (BLR Extended Remix) [FRCST]
Cormac – Sparks [Polari Records]
Adam Helder – So Long (Original Mix) [Hawthorne Sessions]
Maryer – Acid Chant (Breaks Dub) [Pro B Tech Music]
Artist Code 4D422E – Keep on Holding [Cod3 QR]
Ryan Winters, Lawrence Hart – LDN VBZ (Original Mix)[SSEM Records]
ARTBAT, Dino Lenny – Our Space (Original Mix) [Upperground]
AQUO, Roumie – Lost Memory (Original Mix)[Polyptych]
Matt Sawyer – Too Lazy (Original Mix) [Kinesen Records]
Vincenzo Sarti & Alessio Pennati – People From Another World (Original Mix)[Astral Records]
ALMA (AR) – Sati (Coloü Befu Remix)[La Cura De La Semana]
Another Life – Life Memories (Original Mix)
Vhyce – Ordinary Thoughts (AFFKT remix) [Sincopat]

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Audioglider & Julius – Corbin (Cylonik Remix) [Pro B Tech Music]
Prøvost – You Are The Universe [Neverwhere]
Neotec – The Trip [Wout Records]
Disaia – You Never Why (Original Mix) [Sola]
Horizons – Dusk Over Puerto Princesa (Narel Remix)[Landscapes Music]
AOTA – Verdict (Original Mix) [Melodic Tunes]
Bejenec – Low F [System 108]
Prospa X Kettama – Close Your Eyes [Technicolour]

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Cover: Hao Wang

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