Listen : The Analog Session (Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky) – When Machines Get Funky

These tracks by The Analog Session (Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky) are derived from some improvisations recorded at Robotnick’s studio in Summer 2018. In the editing, the most significant parts were saved; others were cut out to give shape to 7 tracks where improvisation plays the main role while adjusting into a dance structure. As usual it’s Modal music where the continuous variation in tone-colour leads to a hypnotic state. Fluid, but also dramatically metronomic music.

Growing out of the history of electronics they humbly contributed and feel they belong to, here and now. There’s no need to stress the analogue origin of most of their sounds. You can immediately feel it: analogue synths produce a kind of sound, which although synthetic is perceived as real and therefore the emotions it gives (if any) are much deeper. Two tracks already released on 2015’s ‘Black Ground’ are presented here with a new look. “They sound different every time we improvise them live. The versions presented on this EP come from a summer night in the studio while rehearsing before a concert. On that occasion we wrote the sequences of 3 new tracks ‘Actung Asteroid’, ‘When Machines Get Funky’ and ‘Traveling To The Hidden Space’ upon which we improvised in a couple of takes together. We then added to the project some tracks made with traditional overdubbing in studio production style: ‘Until Emergency Is Over’ and ‘Burning Sun’.” explains Robotnick.

‘Intermezzo’ is a bonus track. It’s an improvisation by Ludus Pinsky where he exclusively used the modular synth he put together himself. It’s pure analogue electronic music for die-hard fans of that sound.

01 – Achtung Asteroid!
02 – When Machines Get Funky
03 – Until Emergency Is Over
04 – Lonely Dancer (2019 re-work)
05 – Black Ground (2019 re-work)
06 – Burning Sun
07 – Traveling to the hidden space
08 – Early Morning Raga
09 – Intermezzo