dreamAwaken – Trilithon EP (incl. Klartraum remix) Lucidflow

Swedish artist dreamAwaken–aka Marcelo Storino Mortimer–has been prolifically releasing across a myriad of labels for some time now. If we casually threw out names such as Traum Schallplatten, Electronique, Open Records, City Life, LowBit, and Doppelgaenger, you will more than likely understand that these are entities that are tried and tested. His creations come from the remote Skogen Studio in Österbymo and the influence of the locality filters through into the music itself. Swedish music is often like curling up under a blanket next to a glowing fire, watching the elements do its best on the other side of a window pane. The ‘Trilithon’ EP proves to be no exception to this rule.

Don’t be under the misapprehension that this is chill-out material – a steady throb weaves its way through the tracks. The title track itself is dreamlike, with icicle melodies dripping through frozen vocal exhales. Despite the frosty trappings, it is warm and welcoming. This juxtaposition between moods carries on in ‘Kalipha’, where a rubbery bass-line shrinks and grows in intensity, while the sounds of wildlife and a choir play off each other, capturing the remote reverence that you can only experience in a town with less than a thousand inhabitants.

Berlin comes to play when Lucidflow chiefs Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch step up for one of their widescreen live interpretations. Fresh from their live show at Passionskirche, they are absolutely in form in flexing their cinematic muscles. Their take on ‘Kaliphia’ is a full fat sixteen minute epic, designed to be epic in scope and emotion. Tonally, it flits between music for gothic cathedrals and a soundtrack for the imposing vistas of Washington State’s National Forests. Essentially, sounds that are for a very big canvas.
Trilithon releases on 11th Feb. from your usual digital stockists.