Lucidflow bring Jor-G under their umbrella with ‘Tara’ EP

Continuing their trend of blooding fresh talent, Lucidflow bring Jor-G under their umbrella with release #161.

The ‘Tara’ EP is a personal one, named after a kitten Jor-G rescued from the streets, the artist himself saying that “every track is a beloved animal.

The five tracks cut dub techno in a variety of ways. ‘Leon’ boils dub textures right down to their most saturated and stickiest residue, like audio molasses, and the beats tug away at the metronome as if they hanker to break away from a four on the floor existence. ‘Garcy’ is all about the middle, where tones operated in both the mid-range and mid-distance, like an early morning winter sunrise that catches wisps of mist across stretched out fields.

‘Zozo’ goes for Summer with its aqua tones, the dappled pattern of blue that exists on the bottom of a swimming pool. The melodies lap like water with shimmering sparkles with jazzy samples adding to the languid groove. ‘Leto’ is the wintry overcast alternative, all grey-scale clouds and brisk breezes. Everything is crisper, clearer, with wind rushes that are like an exhale of breath puffing a cloud of vapour into the chilly air.

Finally, ‘Tara’ brings everything together, touching on elements from all the tracks from before it. Dub chords that are simultaneously frozen and squishy, jazz flecks that rub up against an insistent bass heartbeat, and a vibe that pitches right in the transitional seasons of Spring and Autumn.
Tara is available from all the usual digital stockists on 18th Feb. 2019.