Gabriel Sordo – Sugar For The Pill EP

Mexican producer Gabriel Sordo dishes out a tantalizing 3 tracker on Kindisch, Sugar for the Pill EP. First up, ‘Something about my past’, a deeper number with a cool sauntering sub bass chugging under a smooth, jazzy ambience. Populated with the occasional vocal sample, the track burns steady with a tech-house fire.
The title track follows the same tech-house trail blazed before, with perhaps with a bit more drive and sweat, glowing with an immeasurable afterhour heat. For the final number, Sordo calls on Andrew McDonnell for his hand in creating ‘Infection Groove’. This one gleams with Andrews’s percussive nuances, a tapestry of percussive textures punctuating soulful and mesmerizing musical soundscape. After the break we’re treated to a heavy dose of late-night-juice to keep every last person swinging their hips and stomping their feet.