D. Diggler – Modularis EP on Lucidflow

Production machine D Diggler is back on Lucidflow with another tight and direct three tracker with ‘Modularis’. Let us just lay it out now – fans of kick drums that can crush a rib-cage will be more than pleased with the title track. ‘Modularis’ sets off on an uncompromising course towards the horizon at full tilt, and is flanked by kindred elements as it flies along its path. Accompanying the meaty metronome are icy synths, feeling like they were pulled from a mid-nineties archive, unthawed and determined.

Pushing further into the package reveals deeper cuts. ‘Lost’ features a heavily swinging mechanical rhythm, which is accented perfectly with shuffling on-beat aspects of the percussion. The synths that feature play out in the most cavernous of caves, one where the walls extend into shadow and the ceiling remains unseen. They ping pong and reverb in eternity, filling the space with ease.
‘Dreams’ leads off with a rubbery bassline that stretches and squirms around the kick. There is a contrast – where the siblings on this release are more than content to thrive in the darkness, ‘Dreams’ sees foamy synths and neon electric pulses cut through the low end rumble like a sorbet. It is perfect as a piece of dance floor relief for those who still want to be massaged by the sound system.

‘Modularis’ comes out on 25th March 2019 and will be available from the usual digital stockists.