Stream : Philipp Harms – Baguio EP (Sol Eterno)

Here comes a stunning, well balanced three tracker by Philipp Harms, who is no new kid on the block. A Charles Bronson resident and one of the hearts and brains behind Empore Music, the DJ and producer has been active in the scene for quite some time.

Harms’ title track ‘Baguio’, rekindles the incendiary locomotion of classical deep house music structures, peppered with a little bit of now and a whole lot of artful play between defiance and reservation.

A slight offshoot from Sol Eterno’s trademark style of smudging dark elements into light, ‘Nøkk’ starts off warm and earthy but fluidly progresses and matures, while ‘sPace’ is firmly holding reign on space, driven under full hypnosis by the unknown and the plausible, foddered by vastness and ultimately dispelled in the confines of curiosity.