Listen : G-prod and Erell Ranson – Extrasoul for your mind on Nightflight Records

The first cut on Nightflight Records comes from the artists, G-prod and Erell Ranson, both hailing from the land of wine, cheese and the “gilets jaunes”. Both artists have a deep love for Detroit and they combine this soulful D-groove with their own subtle deep touch which results in some wicked Hi-Tech Funk. G-prod’s “Tell me” is a deep, funky techno track that builds up with warm sounds and brings you in a higher ecstatic state. Their dubby “The Rites of Glamounja” will chill you to the bones with its deep and harmony full melodies. Erell Ranson provides two deep electrofunk tracks “How Dare You” and “We’re Going Deep”and he knows how to mengle the depths of UK electronics with the soul of the US.

Introducing Nightflight Records
Belgian Vinyl Only record label (born in 2019), music style: hi-tech funk which means house, techno, electro and everything beyond as long as it is funky and soulful spiced up with some Detroit groove.