Jesper Dahlbäck and Nima Khak aka Naan Boys to release their debut album “It´s A Love Song” on Swedish Parabel

A story of love has arisen between two artists; Jesper Dahlbäck and Nima Khak, hailing from the deepest roots of techno music: Together we have agreed on a conceptual framework. Two have become one. We are the Naan Boys.

The story is about the relationship between the artists and the work. Love is a projection based on an idea. In this case, the idea is the pursuit of the perfected techno sound. The love story will stay with us for life because what we have created has changed us forever. The relationship transforms a person and alters the perception. The World looks a little different now.

We have entered the creative process on equal terms. It is an interaction where we have created our own world with our own language. Bold and risk-taking. At times we have lost our minds and become inconsiderate, asking ourselves what we are trying to do. There is trust. We confirm and invite each other. One action triggers another. Sometimes we operate simultaneously. Sometimes we get lost, but we find our way back as the vision guides us forward.

We have had to allow ourselves to be naive. Open to revising our understanding of individual notions of what a color, a tone, or a sound might be. We have agreed that we want to create the perfect sound. The perception of what perfect is has turned out to result in several nuances that we shared. The nuances have been accepted or rejected. The process of creation has involved dialing in, revising, erasing, and redrawing. Try again and again. Naan Boys have created a love child. It’s a love song!


Naan Boys ‘It´s A Love Song’
Release date: November 10th, 2023

01- Sun-kissed
02- Surgical
03- Seeking
04- Dynamo (Exclusive Premiere Listen here)
05- Flashback
06- Coming Over
07- Glory Hours
08- Sorry, Not Sorry
09- Pendulum
10- Nandok
11- It´s A Love Song


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