Watch : Christian Löffler shares ‘Ry’ Single & Video

Christian Löffler has just shared his single and music video, ‘Ry’ which is lifted from his upcoming album Graal (Prologue), due for release on the 5th of April via Ki Records!

Christian Löffler’s upcoming album, Graal (Prologue), is a transcendent journey born out of frustration and a sense that while touring, he no longer had the mental space or downtime to let his creativity flourish. Following an intense period of live concerts, where his music felt stagnated, Löffler would find himself solely focussed on visual art – painting, drawing, and “some video stuff”, but absolutely no music. This return to his roots reminded him how it felt when he first started making music and allowed him to “turn off my brain a bit, especially thoughts about what is possible or not”. In other words, it gave him freedom. As denoted by the title, Graal (Prologue), this record is a precursor to an album that he plans to release later this year where each track will be accompanied by a painting he created himself.

‘Ry’ is a deep and profoundly rich house track that’s filled to the brim with impassioned emotion. The opening track to Graal (Prologue) serves as a masterful introduction of what’s to follow. With a build that exudes the built-up creative frustration that saw the birth of this album, Christian Löffler ingeniously allows a release as serene string sections and euphoric percussion begin to drown out the strained, almost industrial style of production while still maintaining a perfect balance between the two as each of these halves allow the other to coexist. In the music video, a bodycam is placed on a runner as the viewer follows him running through various locations; from city streets to snowy mountains, cactus-filled deserts, grassy hills and sandy beaches. The video ends with the same shot it opens with, meaning ‘Ry’’s music video can be perfectly looped for endless enjoyment.

On the significance of the opening track, Christian Löffler said, “‘Ry’ is the most important song on Graal (Prologue) for me. It was the breakthrough after a phase without making music. This track made this album possible. After devoting myself to painting, ‘Ry’ inspired me to create new music.

Christian Löffler Live performances:

22.03. Dabadaba, San Sebastian
04.04.2019 Poznan (PL), Tama
05.04.2019 Warschau (PL), Niebo
06.04.2019 Paris (FR), Pavillon Cambon
10.04.2019 Brüssel (BE), Botanique
11.04.2019 Berlin (DE), Columbia Theater
12.04.2019 Wien (AT), WUK
13.04.2019 London (UK), Printworks
17.04.2019 Kopenhagen (DK), Vega Jr.
19.04.2019 Granada (ES), Sun & Snow Festival
26.04.2019 Brno (CZ), Vibe Club
27.04.2019 Mönchen Gladbach (DE), Kulturkirche
10.05. Zorlu PAC Jazz Festival, Istanbul
25.05. Athen (GR), Add Festival
31.05. München (DE), PULS Open Air