Premiere : RPE Duo – Fast Flute (Wave Folder)

Fast Flute taken from new album “Bananas”, out May 24 on Wave Folder Records.
Electronic Jazz blazers RPE Duo are releasing their latest album, Bananas, on the UK label Wave Folder Records. The album was recorded between 2015-2018 at international artist residency in EMS Studios in Sweden, where the duo worked with vintage Buchla and Serge modular synthesisers creating source material for compositions, and remotely between the UK, US and New Zealand.

In May 2018 the duo met again in New Zealand to finalise the album alongside performing a series of concerts and guest lecturing at Massey University’s School of Music & Creative Media Production (Wellington) and Ara Institute (Christchurch). In the new album, RPE Duo experiments with different approaches to composition, performance, collaboration and generation of source material. RPE Duo uses live sampling, acoustic and electronic improvisation, scored and algorithmic composition using modular synthesis.

Album Track Listing:
1. Talking Melody
2. Repetitive
3. Fast Flute
4. Campfire in Space
5. Whisper
6. Bananas pt1
7. Broken Planet
8. Garden (ガーデン)
9. First year
10. Raw Skeleton
11. Bananas pt2
12. a440
13. Jungle Bomb
14. York
15. Thank you Don

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