Artizhan – Nasty Drifts From Sequoia EP

Milan’s Artizhan offers up his ‘Nasty Drifts From Sequoia’ EP via Apparel Music sub-label, Apparel Tronic, backed with a remix from label founders 2KS.

Artizhan is the new guise of Naples-born, Milan-based artist Franky B aka Cryptic Monkey, a three time DMC world champion with a penchant for dynamic experimental sounds.

Here we see Artizhan display exactly this, opening with ‘Honky Tonk Clay’ which fuses tumbling, off-kilter percussion and murky low-end tones alongside billowing dub chords and eerie atmospherics. ‘Zenkai’ follows, retaining a similar aesthetic with a slow more more bass-tinged feel, laying focus on heavy doses of sub bass, jazzy synth licks, dub echoes and spaced out vocal murmurs.

Last up from Artizhan is ‘Built From Dubcore’, which features earth shattering, modulating drums and gritty stab sequences before 2KS round things out, reworking ‘Zenkai’ with a more ethereal feel, bringing the bubbling resonant synths, vocal chants and airy dubbed out chords into the limelight whilst keeping the dynamic, broken rhythm at its core.

Track List:
1. Honky Tonk Clay
2. Zenkai
3. Built From Dubcore
4. Zenkai (2KS Remix)