Ilija Rudman returns with “Sagittarii”, a fourth fantastic studio album and his second on Bearfunk

Long-time underground innovator Ilija Rudman returns with “Sagittarii”, a fourth fantastic studio album and his second on Bearfunk.

As boss of both Red Music and Imogen Recordings, as well as being a skilled DJ and diverse producer, Rudman has been an integral part of dance music for years. The Croatian effortlessly veers from electro to disco to house with his own colourful sense of melody and club-ready grooves and has done so on more than 70 releases on labels like Classic, Rong, Electric Minds and Is It Balearic Recordings . This superb new album lands just a year afterhis last, “Paradigma”, and is another subtle evolution in his style but one that continues to deal in authentic analogue textures with flashes of throwback funk and disco gold and a slick sense of boogie.

Things open up with the glistening future-retro chords of “Dreamscape Planet” a quick,upbeat cut that is ready made for dancing in the sun with its majestic strings and nimble basslines. “Cosmia (Regal Mix)” is another bit of engagingly urgent disco funk with clipped drums racing along beneath heart melting chords. The stylish “If I Keep My Eyes Closed (Mezzanine Mix)” slows things down, with a snaking bassline and wallowing chords making for more cosy and intimate listening while “Synthia 2000” is a more playful cut with wiggling bass and withering chords that bend space and time as you get down and boogie.

The gorgeous glossiness continues with another tight bit of disco-funk lushness on “6th Floor Entrance (Guardians Gate Mix)” and “S.O.S. Flight Theme” serves up some rugged bass lines and mad xylophone patterns on top of corrugated drums that will get any club in a spin this summer. Closing things down in the tropical tinged exotica of “Techniques & Tactics (Nocturnal Mix)” with its long legged drums, blissful Balearic vibes and superb sunset stylings.

This is an album that brims with cosmic disco energy, emotion and excellence from start to finish.

Ilija Rudman – Sagittarii
Release Date:19-07-2019

1. Dreamscape Planet
2. Cosmia (Regal Mix)
3. If I Keep My Eyes Closed (Mezzanine Mix)
4. Synthia 2000
5. 6th Floor Entrance (Guardians Gate Mix)
6. S.O.S. Flight Theme
7. Techniques & Tactics (Nocturnal Mix)